About Me


I am Amee Thakkar from Mumbai, India. We are blessed with 2 smart kids who are equally creative.Crafting has been my hobby and passion since childhood and inspired by my aunt. Welcome to my website.

I am an arts and crafts teacher and enthusiast who loves introducing people to the joy of creating something with their hands. Whether you are young or young at heart; a housewife looking for creative ways to express herself; someone who wants to escape from the stresses of life (and who doesn’t?); someone who wants a new pastime or hobby…my classes are a great creative outlet.

There’s something for everyone in my classes. I believe everyone is a creative being with ideas and imagination. The skills and techniques you can learn from me will help you create wonderful art from just paper and your imagination. Spend some time absorbed in papercraft and you will feel de-stressed and rejuvenated. You will approach life in a more playful way.

Besides, there’s nothing to equal the joy of creating something beautiful with your own hands.My aim is to teach and  motivate you to create something new every day. So, let’s get started, shall we?