Rubber Stamping

Rubber stamping is an exciting way to put the stamp of your personality on your designs. It is a very popular and versatile craft that can be learnt and enjoyed by everyone. Amee Thakkar, accredited and experienced art teacher, can teach you the basics of rubber stamping in a few easy lessons. All you have to do is select a rubber stamp with a design suitable for your project – you can get a set of rubber stamps with different designs, ink and stamp them on the required surface. Rubber stamps generally come in two styles: Outline and Surface Area.

Outline rubber stamps when inked and stamped on paper will give the effect of an image that you can colour in – it’s great fun and you can make the design as colourful as you like.

Surface area rubber stamps have an image on the rubber so you can apply ink with a pad, brush and then stamp the image on paper to create a design.
Rubber stamping is a quick and effective way of producing repeat patterns. These can be used as borders on notepaper and envelopes, on greeting cards, invitations for parties and thank-you notes, gift wrapping paper, notebooks, diaries and journals. With practice, you can use motifs such as flowers and leaves to form a fuller design (such as a tree). You don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful designs. See for yourself!