Punch Craft

Add punch to your design with decorative paper punches. Paper punch craft can easily be learnt. Amee Thakkar, accredited and experienced art teacher, can teach you the basics of punch craft and you’ll discover how simple and enjoyable it is.

Decorative punches come in a variety of shapes and designs. They enable you to use the punched-out images to decorate everything from cards, and envelopes to matching stationery sets, pen stands, notepaper holders …in fact, anything that can be livened up with a touch of art. Paper punch craft also enables you to recycle those old tins and cardboard boxes – you’ll see what a transformation can be created merely with a set of punches and some glue. Punch craft is an absorbing hobby that anyone can indulge in. Countless items can be made – you are only limited by your ideas, imagination. Punch your way to knock-out creations such as beautiful 3-D punch card frames, cards and many more.

Whether you are making a card for someone special or doing a project with your kids (even the youngest), you’ll find punch craft fun and exciting. It lets your designs stand out from the ordinary by adding that personal touch. In just an hour or two, you can make a colourful and attractive gift that will also be appreciated for the thought that goes into it. Get a set of punches today – and get started.