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Put all your imagination and artistry into play as you create exotic designs with punch craft. Extra large and 3-D flowers can be created with a touch of drama. These unique designs stand out anywhere – they give a ‘designer’ touch to any wall, any room, any décor.

Scrap books are albums of memories that cannot be replicated. They contain a treasure house of items – pictures, movie tickets, letters, programs, invitations. They are different from mere photo albums because they also preserve the stories behind those items, which make them all the more cherished. Amee Thakkar, accredited and experienced art teacher, can show you how to make scrapbooking original and fun. She can teach you how to use papercraft to enhance and embellish the pages of your scrap book in a host of exciting ways. You can decorate the cover of your scrap book, add borders and…


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The first stage of punch craft is easily learnt. Put in a little time, add your creativity and you’ll be delighted with your designs – punch craft flowers and leaves that look so professionally made. Surprise someone today with your very own punch card design.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” said the poet John Keats. Inspired by this quotation, you can start creating something beautiful with your own hands. Once you have learnt the basics of paper quilling – rolling strips of paper, gluing them and shaping them into designs – you can learn how to make quilling flowers. Amee Thakkar will take you through the steps so you can learn flower quilling and how you can create wonderful designs with just your two hands. At first it may seem difficult but you’ll soon find it’s not. Before long, you will discover…