Basic – Flower Quilling

/ June 7, 2017 / Paper Quilling / 0 Comments

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” said the poet John Keats. Inspired by this quotation, you can start creating something beautiful with your own hands. Once you have learnt the basics of paper quilling – rolling strips of paper, gluing them and shaping them into designs – you can learn how to make quilling flowers.
Amee Thakkar will take you through the steps so you can learn flower quilling and how you can create wonderful designs with just your two hands. At first it may seem difficult but you’ll soon find it’s not. Before long, you will discover how to make a quilling flower and be delighted with the results. Flowers are so versatile. Think of the possibilities. Paper flowers in beautiful colours bring life to any room and they are always in season; they make gorgeous accessories for handbags, belts, hair clips and headbands; you can use them to make personalized gifts; decorate journals. They are ideal for creating greeting cards with a personal touch.
Amee Thakkar will also show you how to use quilling flowers with materials such as fabrics, cardboard etc to create a host of decorative items. You can delight your family and friends with handmade gifts that they will treasure. Flower quilling is an exciting hobby which can be profitable too as there is a big demand for exclusive and personalized decorative items.